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A member of the BPSA is defined as an individual who has been registered and accepted as a member, pays the regular membership fees, follows the organization's rules and regulations, and actively works towards the betterment of the organization.



    • Single Membership: This membership is for individuals seeking to participate in the association's activities independently.
    • Family Membership: Designed for the immediate nuclear family unit, this membership covers a member, their spouse, and dependent children up to the age of 25, recognizing the core family structure within the context of the association's membership benefits. Children beyond this age are not considered dependents under this membership type.

    • Extended Family Membership: This category extends membership benefits to include extended family members such as children over the age of 25, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren, offering a more inclusive option for larger family groups living at the same address.

    • Student Membership: Tailored for full-time students, this membership provides a discounted rate, requiring proof of current enrolment in an educational institution.




  • Family Membership: The annual fee is CAD 150, payable in advance. This fee grants membership for one calendar year, regardless of the joining date, and provides access to BPSA's cultural and social activities until the end of December of the same year.

  • Single Membership: Available at CAD 100, this option is designed for individuals only wishing to enjoy the benefits of standard membership on their own.

  • Extended Family Membership: Understanding the importance of inclusivity, we have introduced the Extended Family Membership at CAD 60 per additional individual under existing Family Membership . This option is designed to accommodate extended family members including parents, grandparents, children over the age of 25 and grandchildren living at the same address, ensuring that the whole family can participate in our cultural and social activities.

  •  Student Membership: With a fee of CAD 60 per individual, this option is tailored for full-time students. Proof of current enrolment in an educational institution is required to qualify for this rate.



Important Conditions Regarding Membership Fees:


  • Pro-rata Payments: Members are required to pay the full annual fee for their chosen membership option upon joining, without proration, regardless of the joining date.

  • Annual Review: The Board reserves the right to annually reevaluate and adjust membership fees based on the organization's financial needs and goals.

  • Non-refundable and Non-transferable: Membership fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual.

  • Upgrade of Single to Family membership - Upon adding a spouse, Single Membership can be upgraded to a Family Membership to include both individuals. This change should be reported and processed promptly to ensure continued access to BPSA benefits for the new family unit. This change from single to family can be made by paying a few of CAD 50 and benefits of membership to spouse will be extended only after payment of the fee.

  • Late payments are subject to late fees.


Members are expected to adhere to the outlined rights, duties, and responsibilities. mentioned below.


Rights, Duties & Responsibilities of the Members



  • Voting Rights: Every member is entitled to vote, ensuring democratic participation in decision-making processes.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Timely Payment of Dues: Members must pay their dues promptly to support the organization's activities.

  • Respect and Courtesy: Members should respect other members and their ideas, fostering a positive and collaborative environment.

  • Teamwork and Assistance: Acting as supportive team members, extending help whenever necessary.

  • Dignity and Organizational Development: Upholding dignity and contributing to the organization's improvement and growth.

  • Prioritization of Activities: Giving the highest priority to the organization's activities and advancement.

  • Responsibility Ownership: Taking ownership of assigned responsibilities and communicating any concerns to the committee or board proactively.

  • Commitment: Devoting time and demonstrating serious commitment to the success of the organization's activities, always acting in its best interests.

  • Conflict of Interest: Avoiding situations that adversely affect the organization's interests and adhering to board directives in such cases.

  • Meeting Attendance: Attending scheduled meetings and abiding by the majority decisions, even if one disagrees.

  • Awareness and Initiative: Maintaining awareness of the organization's activities and taking initiative to contribute positively.

  • Confidentiality and Reputation: Keeping organization information confidential and refraining from acts that could defame the organization.

  • Priority to Organization: Treating BPSA activities with the utmost priority and consulting the Director-Membership or an Officer in case of any doubts.

  • Avoidance of Conflict of Interest: Being vigilant against any situation that may lead to a conflict of interest.

  • Adherence to Rules: Understanding that failure to follow the organization's rules may result in suspension or revocation of membership.

  • Resignation: Members wishing to resign must notify the board, allowing up to two months for the process, including the transfer of responsibilities and clearance of dues.


This structured approach ensures members are aware of their roles within the organization, promoting a culture of responsibility, collaboration, and respect.


Spousal Voting Rights Policy




This policy is established to affirm the voting rights of both members and their spouses, recognizing them as distinct individuals entitled to participate in the decision-making processes of the organization. It aims to foster an inclusive atmosphere where all voices are heard and valued, thereby enhancing the fairness and democratic nature of organizational governance.



  • Member: An individual who holds a current and active membership status within the organization.

  • Spouse: An individual legally married to a member and recorded his/her name in the organization's database from the day of their membership registration.


Policy Details:


Members and their spouses, who are in good standing and maintain their association with the organization up until the date of voting, are each granted individual voting rights. However, individuals holding Extended Family Memberships and Student Memberships do not possess voting rights. This policy ensures that while members and their spouses are recognized as separate entities with the right to vote on organizational matters, specific membership categories such as Extended Family and Student are designed for participation and benefits within the organization but do not extend to voting privileges. This reflects our commitment to inclusivity and equitable treatment in all aspects of organizational governance, while maintaining a structured approach to decision-making processes.


[Above is a Part of BPSA By-Law]


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