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Member means who belongs to the association and pay regular membership fees


A member is defined by one who has registered as a member of BPSA, pays the regular membership fees, follows the rules and regulations of the organization and works towards the betterment of organization. Members are expected to follow the rights, duties and responsibilities mentioned below.




  • All members will have the voting rights.

  • All members should be respectful to other members and their ideas.

  • Ensure to be courteous and pleasant while debating on any issue

  • All members should treat others as team members and extend help whenever required.

  • All members should be dignified and work towards the improvement & development of the organization.

  • Members should give highest priority towards the activities and advancement of the organization.

  • Members should take the ownership of the responsibility assigned and let the committee or board know in advance of any issue of concern.

  • Each Member shall ensure that he/she devotes his/her time and is serious in their commitment towards the success of the activities organized by Bongo Poribar. They will give priority to the activities of BPSA, regardless of his/her involvement in other associations, in any capacity.  He/She shall ensure that he/she always acts in good faith and in the best interests of BPSA. In case of conflict of interest of any member and/or his/her family, which adversely affecting the interests of BPSA, the Board of Directors may undertake necessary investigations and may, if appropriate, suspend or exclude that member from the Membership.

  • Members should attend meetings as scheduled. Members attending the meetings and also those are unable to attend the meetings will accept the decision taken by the majority of the members present. Once a decision is passed by majority all members must follow it even if he/she has voted against it.

  • Maintain an awareness of the activities and programs.

  • All members are expected to take initiative, ownership and contribute their thoughts, ideas, vision, etc for the advancement of the organization

  • Any act of defamation of the organization is strictly prohibited. Members are not expected to be involved in any whistle blowing.

  • Disclosing any confidential information to the third party will be considered as serious offence.

  • For all members and their families BPSA activities are to be treated on highest priority, in case of any doubt member should consult the Director-Membership or an Officer and take written permission to avoid any complicacy.

  • All members and their families should be careful to avoid any situation that leads to conflict of interest.

  • Failure to adhere to BPSA rules and regulations, a member may face severe consequences including suspension or revoking the membership as per the decision of the board.

  • A member can resign from the membership at any time. He/She should allow up to two months to be relieved by the Board subject to handing over all his/her responsibilities, documents and clearing his/her dues.


Membership shall be completed upon payment of the membership fee, which is $100 per year (in advance). Membership fees to be paid for the year in advance by the end of January of that year. Late payments are subject to late fees.


[Above is a Part of BPSA By-Law]


By clicking,  I agree to the terms and conditions of membership.

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