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What we do

Bongo Poribar is a registered non-profit sociocultural association which provides a platform and an opportunity for the Canadians to contribute and enjoy the diversity and richness of different cultures. Bongo Poribar organizes dance and drama festivals, summer outings, musical concerts and other socio-cultural events. We focus on the participation of children to develop their traits in the field of art and culture. BPSA presents children’s creative performance on extracurricular activities like dance, music, painting and plays to a wider audience for their motivation and encouragement.


The strength of Bongo Poribar is the planning skills of its members. The success of various events so far organized by us has already established new benchmark in the Greater Toronto Area.

Who we are

Dated back in 2010 a group of families gathered to brainstorm on how to connect to the multicultural society of Canada and contribute to its diversity. We noticed though we had many small cultural groups in our society but there was none that represented all multicultural community as a whole. The result was the birth of Bongo Poribar with a band of selfless workers and a host of well-wishers. The overwhelming response and the affection showered upon us by our patrons and friends from all over Greater Toronto Area and around have provided us the impetus to grow our dreams and pursuits year after year.

Words we live by


BEST NOT BIG is our strength


We believe in INCLUSION


We embrace DIVERSITY



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