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Bongo Poribar’s Durgotsav 2023 - Oct 28 Cultural Evening Pre-Registration 


Due to the anticipation of a large and enthusiastic crowd attending our upcoming cultural event to watch Ankita’s performance on Oct 28-Saturday, we are implementing a no cost pre-registration system to enhance the overall event experience and ensure a smooth and organized process for attendees. Passes will be provided after pre-registration and these will be required for attending the evening cultural event on Oct 28 - Saturday.


This decision is driven by several key reasons:


  • Crowd & Capacity Management: The expected high attendance could lead to overcrowding, long lines, and adhering to fire code. Implementing pre-registration allows us to manage the crowd more efficiently and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees.


  • Security: We can better control access to the event, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry and ensuring that everyone present is accounted for in case of emergencies.


  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Attendees will benefit from a smoother check-in process, shorter wait times, and a more enjoyable overall event experience.


  • Fairness and Equality: Pre-registration promotes fairness by ensuring that tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. It eliminates the potential for scalping or unfair distribution practices.


In summary, introducing pre-registration for our event is a proactive measure to enhance crowd management, security, and the overall guest experience. It allows us to allocate resources efficiently, collect valuable data, and communicate effectively with attendees. Ultimately, this system ensures that our event runs smoothly and safely while accommodating the expected large crowd. Note that this pre-registration only applies for wanting to attend the evening cultural program on Saturday - Oct 28 only. For Saturday morning puja and Sunday - Oct 29 puja and cultural event, no pre-registration is required.



Please complete the following steps for pre-registration and allocation of entry passes for entry on Oct 28- Saturday evening only :


  1. Please pre-register for entry passes - Pre-registration is now closed

  2. On completion of registration, a confirmation notification will be sent to your email address

  3. Please bring the email or physical copy of the confirmation to collect your entry passes on the day of the event - Oct 28 - Saturday between 11:00 AM and  3:00 PM from the puja venue reception. Your friends or family may collect passes on your behalf by showing the confirmation email.

  4. Entry passes not collected by the stated time (Oct 28 - Saturday between 11:00 AM and  3:00 PM) will lead to pre-registration being auto-cancelled and cannot be used for collecting passes

  5. Passes collected but unused for entry to venue by 6:00 pm on Saturday - Oct 28 will be cancelled

  6. Once we reach capacity, pre-registration requests will be closed. Limited passes may be available on the event day owing to cancellations or no-shows by pre-registered patrons. No guarantees or commitments on pass availability.

  7. Event organizers have a right to amend or cancel any pass requests due duplicate requests (intentional or unintentional), misuse, spamming or hoarding

  8. Please email if you have issues or questions with pre-registration



Q) Why are you implementing this pre-registration ?

A - Due to the anticipation of a large and enthusiastic crowd attending our upcoming cultural event to watch Ankita’s performance on Oct 28-Saturday, we are implementing a no cost pre-registration system to enhance the overall event experience and ensure a smooth and organized process for attendees.


Q - How many passes will be issues during pre-registration ?

A- There will be max of 4 free passes per email id registered. If you need more than 4 passes, please email us at


Q - Is there a deadline to complete the pre-registration ?

A- Pre-registration is happening on a first come - first served basis. Once all passes are exhausted the online system will put requestors on waitlist and should there be cancellations, additional passes will be issued


Q- Can I still go and offer prayers and do Darshan if I do not wish to watch the event ?

A- The venue will be open to devotees to offer prayers on 28th evening too but you may not be allowed to stay and watch the cultural programs and security may limit your time inside the venue to worship


Q- Can I get entry for the evening event if I do not pre-register and get passes ?

A- If we reach capacity and there are no cancellation, there is minimal chance that you will be able to get access to venue to watch the cultural event. Hence, it is strongly recommended for you to pre-register and collect passes by the scheduled collection time to avoid disappointment


Q - Can I cancel if I have pre-registered and decide not to come ?

A- Yes you can cancel your pre-registration and this will allow other interested patrons to watch the cultural extravaganza.


Q Does this pre-registration requirement apply to both days ?

A- No, this p[re-registration is only applicable for the cultural performance on Saturday-Oct 28 starting around 6:00 PM ending around 11:59 PM. There is no other requirement or obligation to pre-register for any other time of entry to the venue.


Q. Do members of Bongo Poribar need to complete this pre-registration ?

A- No, members and sponsors do not need to complete this pr-registration. This only applies to non-members who intend to watch the cultural extravaganza on the evening of Oct 28 - Saturday

Q. What if I have questions on pre-registration ?

A- Please send an email to and someone will respond to you at the earliest.

General Disclaimer:

  • "By registering for this event, you agree to abide by all event rules and policies. The event organizers reserve the right to modify or cancel the event at their discretion."

  • Liability Waiver: "I understand and acknowledge that participation in this event involves certain risks and hazards. I hereby release the event organizers and their affiliates from any liability for injury, illness, or property damage that may occur during the event."

  • Code of Conduct: "I agree to adhere to the event's code of conduct, which includes treating all participants and organizers with respect and refraining from any disruptive or inappropriate behavior."

  • Data Privacy and Communication: "By registering for this event, you consent to receive communications related to the event, including updates, reminders, and promotional materials. You may opt out of these communications at any time."

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